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QUICK QUOTES / Save Time / Save Fuel / Reduce Carbon Footprint

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This month we have decided to do more to encourage all our customers to use our quick quote forms. We first brought the forms in over a year ago and they have been a great success, we have massively reduced the amount of time we spend on the roads travelling all across the North East of Scotland, doing home surveys. We used to spend almost every Saturday on the road whereas now we have got it down to just a small number of visits a week. The reason we want to encourage everyone to use the quick quote forms are to save us on time as we could be quoting up to 30 stoves a week, it also saves the customer on time as the quick quote is almost always a very accurate quote so if the quote is more than they have budgeted they will not pursue it, it saves us on fuel, we get quotes back to customers far quicker, usually within 5-7 working days and to REDUCE OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT. We offer a FREE STOVE FAN to any customer who completes a quick quote and then goes ahead with there stove install. We will still come see you at home. Once the customer receives the quick quote, if they are interested in discussing it further we would arrange to come see you at home to measure up and answer any questions you may have. This would be FREE of charge and the customer is under no obligation to go ahead with the work. The quick quote forms can be picked up from either of our showrooms or for enquiries, please email and we will email you a form. The from can be returned by email, handed back at our showrooms, posted or even sent via our facebook messenger. If a customer does not want to complete a quick quote form and would like a home survey, there will be a £20 charge which we would require to be paid when the date has been set and prior to the visit. The £20 would be deducted from the stove quote if the customer goes ahead with the work.