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Kiln Dried Silver Birch NOW IN STOCK @ Inverurie.

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We now have Kiln dried silver birch in stock and on sale at our Inverurie Showroom. We have easy to load palletised crates which hold 1.17m3 available for £155 as well as loose 20l bags for £7, the 20l bags are also on sale at our Keith showroom. The crates make it simple for us to load trailors, pick ups or even lorries, not only is it simple but its far cleaner than getting a loose load tipped off in your driveway. On top of that we still have our loose soft wood bags and kindlers for £6 and Ola logs for £9, all available at both our Keith and Inverurie showrooms.

Do you know we also stock Home accessories, artwork and fireside accessories? We have just received a new delivery at our Inverurie showroom, come in and see what we have as there is limited stock on many items.