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Its the start of a new year and theres so much to do. We have some more changes planned for the Inverurie Showroom, we have decided to stock a larger range of The Scent Boutique products with even more candles, reed diffusers and car diffusers, the car diffusers should prove more popular with the opening of the new car wash next door in March. We have also purchased a coin operated Coffee/hot drinks machine from Majestic coffee which should be up and running by the end of this week. Our last real change for Inverurie will be the addition of a new outdoor Barbecue area, we have just ordered the Rais Circle grill which will go on display in store very soon giving plenty time for orders for the Barbecue season ahead. Its not all about Inverurie though, we have just set up a deal with a local builders merchant in Elgin to provide firewood delivery around areas of Morayshire, look out for news on when our Kiln Dried Silver birch crates will be available. At Grampian Furnisfers we are having a reshuffle of stoves and building new partitions to form room settings to help customers invisage the stoves better in their homes, the first will go up this week with more to follow. In Keith there are some small changes planned with new stoves ordered and the oppertunity now to promote the firewood crates for delivery around the area. 2019 is looking like another busy one for the whole team.