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Take our advice, buy your stove this summer!


In our Industry we will always be busier in the winter months than the summer months.  We know it as the “heating season” and this period can normally last from September to March.  The majority of our customers who have had a wood burning stove installed will use their stove during this period and only occasionally use it from April – August.

So why do you we recommend you buy your stove during this period?

Firstly, the summer is when all stove manufacturers make alterations to their stove range.  The updating process will mean there will always be an opportunity to pick up a bargain as stoves will be discontinued and reduced down to make way for the new updated version.  Also, the availability of stoves is much better during this time and waiting time is less due to less demand.  The chances of popular models such as Rais, Heta, Hwam etc being unavailable due to demand is less during the summer.

Secondly, the summer will also give you a much better chance to choose when you have your stove installed.  With the milder temperature and longer daylight hours it is likely an installation can be completed over one day which is sometimes more difficult in the winter due to lack of light for outdoor work or poor conditions to get outside.  During the summer it is very unlikely for a job to be postponed due to weather.

When you visit our showrooms in the summer we are able to be more flexible with dates to suit the client.  This can be especially significant if we installing into a new build home and we are working around other tradesmen.  Whereas in the winter months we are so busy that if a job is delayed due to other circumstances then it is much harder for us to other alternative dates without impacting on jobs that are booked in.

We can usually confirm an installation date around 6-8 weeks after the initial quote is offered during the summer months but if you came to us looking for a quote during the winter period you could be looking at a period of over 12 weeks.  We often get enquiries in December asking if we can install a stove in time for Christmas.  The simple answer is no and if you can find an installer

who can offer this then we would be very wary of the quality.  Like finding any tradesman  to conduct work in your house if you want quality you will normally have to wait in the queue.

Finally, another factor to consider is the maintenance of your stove which we recommend you do during the summer months when you are not using the stove.  Changing any of the internals of the stove such as fire bricks, thermal rope or window glass might need done over time and is best done in summer.  We recommend you book a qualified chimney sweep for an annual sweep and it is often best to do this on the anniversary of the installation date.  To get a qualified chimney sweep during the winter is very difficult but again it is much easier during the summer.

So take our advice and don’t leave it too late.  Come and visit one of our showrooms in Inverurie, Keith or Elgin and discuss the option of installing a wood burning stove this summer.