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After almost a week of nice sunny weather we were lured into thinking summer had arrived. However we should really have known better, as now the temperatures have dropped and the heavens have opened, meaning our stoves are back on and you have just noticed your logstore is looking a bit empty! No need to panic though as we are fully stocked up again with Kiln Dried Birch.

We offer crates of kiln dried silver birch which are ready to burn and are available for £165.00.  These crates can also be delivered to locations around the north and north-east at a charge of £30.00 per crate. You can collect from Inverurie or Elgin for FREE.

If you are not looking to purchase a crate we also sell the same high quality firewood in net bags.  These can be purchased for £7 per bag or 6 bags for £35.00.  We also sell the very popular Puffin Firebricks and Little Imp Briquettes which again are £7 each or 6 for £35.00.  Finally, our kindling can be added to your order for £4 per bag or 4 bags for £12.00

To compliment the top quality firewood we can also offer customers a top quality log store.  These stores have been expertly designed and are built to last using the best of materials including re-claimed Welsh Slate.  The attention to detail in designing these stores will give you peace of mind that your firewood will remain perfectly dry and ready to burn.  See below the four top choices now available:

Edie Logstore
£ 350
1200mm W 1500mm H 450mm D

Doreen Logstore
£ 430
1500mm W 1500mm H 600mm D

Dave Logstore
£ 545
3000mm W 1700mm H 600mm D

George Logstore
£ 575
2400mm W 1600mm H 800mm D

The prices shown are for flat packed stores collected from Elgin or Inverurie.  If you would like to have your log store delivered and assembled we have a SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE, order one crate and one logstore and receive FREE DELIVERY (save £30) on the firewood crate. Email or call 01467 620565

This offer will only be available to purchase from today while stocks last and assembly of the logstore may be up to 6 weeks from the date of order due to demand.