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At Speyside Stoves we actively promote the burning of wood in your stove. Even if you have purchased a multi-fuel stove, which is suitable for burning peat, heat logs and smokeless coal (never household coal), we still recommend burning wood.
We get asked all the time by customers is burning wood not “bad” for the environment. This is simply not the case and burning wood has been proven to be better for the environment compared top other fuels. Wood is a renewable resource and when it is burned it releases the same amount of greenhouse gasses as taken up by the tree during its life cycle or put simply, they are Carbon Neutral. However, if you use a wood burner as a source of heat you are being kinder to the environment because you are replacing the need to use gas, oil or electricity for heating as a result of this.
We recommend Silver Birch for burning but all Hard Wood types are perfect and will burn longer than soft wood because of its density. It will also give off more energy for a longer period making it the best choice. However, one negative of hard wood is it takes longer to dry naturally. When a tree is freshly cut the moisture content can be as much as 50% moisture. If the tree is cut and stored the wood’s moisture will naturally reduce to 30%-40%. However, tests have shown that flue gasses become “clean” at around 20% and to achieve this naturally the wood would need to be stored for several years. To achieve ready to burn wood with a moisture content less than 20% the simple answer is to buy kiln dried wood.
To check the moisture content of your wood we recommend purchasing a moisture meter. These simple devises will give you a digital reading. If you split a log lengthways and take a reading from either side of the log and from the middle (the middle will always have a higher moisture content than the sides). Take the three measurements and divide by three.
Finally, when purchasing your firewood always remember to buy it by volume and not by weight. If the logs are wet, they will weigh more and the dryer the logs are the higher the quality will be. There is also a huge difference between stacked logs and loose logs. For example 1 m3 loose would be the equivalent to 0.6 m3 of logs that are stacked.
Our recommendation is to purchase our kiln dried hardwood. We sell silver birch which is less than 10% moisture content and we supply these in purpose build crates measuring 1.17m3. The crates are built on a pallet which makes it ideal for transporting and this also creates a ready-made log store.
Our crates are available for £155.00. These can be collected by trailer or we can arrange delivery. The cost to deliver will depend on location and we are able to deliver all over Aberdeenshire and Morayshire.
30L Net Bags are also available for £7.00 per bag or £35.00 for six bags (save £7.00). We also offer customers the opportunity to purchase 48 bags (equivalent to 2m3 of stacked logs) for £240.00 (save £96.00).