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Cast Iron or Steel


The vast number of customers who visit our showrooms want to know what the difference is between Steel Stoves versus Cast Iron. So which is best:


Traditionally cast iron was used in the production of Stoves due to its weight and density. This extra bulk would allow the stove to act like a storage heater once the temperature had been achieved and would allow the heat to remain for longer once the fire had gone out. However, these heavy cast iron Stoves take longer to heat up and therefore longer to product he desired heat to the room.


Steel is now more commonly used in modern Stoves due to its ability to heat up quickly. This suits more people who are looking for instant heat to take he chill off the room but are not looking for their stove to be he main source of heat for the house. Once a steel stove fire goes out the stove will cool down quite quickly and therefore will not continue to heat the room once out.


It must be made clear that poor quality cast Stoves have a habit of cracking if run too hard or for too long a period and poor quality steel Stoves are known to warp in shape under the same conditions. Modern Stoves are designed to work as a source of heat for the home but should not be run 24/7. They must be given time to cool off otherwise they will not remain efficient.


So the answer is simple. If you need instant heat to suit a modern busy life choose a steel stove but if you are looking for a slow but steady build up with a longer period of burning then consider a cast iron stove. The choice is yours.